Ubuntu Touch phones won’t launch this year says Canonical; expect it in 2015

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Canonical community manager Jono Bacon has made a surprising revelation that Ubuntu Touch powered smartphones won’t launch in 2014 contrasting Canonical’s earlier promises.

During Reddit Q&A, Bacon revealed that it would be very surprising if an Ubuntu powered smartphone is launched this year. “This is a long road though with many components, and I would be surprised if we see anything like this before 2015. When the major OEMs/Carriers ship, this is when many of the ISVs will be on-board too”, said Bacon.

Bacon further revealed that they have designed Ubuntu Touch such that if users connect their smartphone or tablet through to a monitor along with keyboard and mouse, the hybrid OS’s interface transforms into a fully-usable Ubuntu desktop as though it were running on a traditional PC.

Further, the community manager revealed that users shouldn’t expect any fancy integration between Ubuntu Touch and other Ubuntu operating systems. Canonical’s main aim is to provide users with content syncing between Ubuntu Touch and Ubuntu One.

Bacon also confirmed that the Ubuntu Edge, which failed to reach its Kickstarter goal, will not be put into production. “We don’t have any plans to put the Ubuntu Edge into production”, said Bacon.