Oracle to patch 147 vulnerabilities including 36 in Java this Tuesday

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Oracle is set to release one of the biggest security patch update this Tuesday comprising of 147 patches, 36 of which address vulnerabilities in Java.

Oracle has categorized January 14 patch update as a critical one as it addresses multiple security vulnerabilities. “This Critical Patch Update contains 147 new security vulnerability fixes across hundreds of Oracle products. Some of the vulnerabilities addressed in this Critical Patch Update affect multiple products”, said Oracle in the pre-release announcement.

“Due to the threat posed by a successful attack, Oracle strongly recommends that customers apply Critical Patch Update fixes as soon as possible”, added Oracle.

The patch addresses 36 vulnerabilities in Java SE, 34 out of them are vulnerabilities that can be exploited remotely by an attacker without requiring authentication.

The patch update will also incorporate 25 fixes related to various products in its Fusion Middleware catalog, including WebCenter and GlassFish Server. Oracle said that 22 patches out of them address vulnerabilities that can be exploited remotely without authentication.

Sixteen of the patches fix vulnerabilities in Oracle’s supply chain software, 17 fix issues in PeopleSoft applications, 11 for the Solaris OS, 9 in Oracle’s virtualization software and 5 in Oracle’s database.

Find out more about the patch update in Oracle’s pre-release announcement.