Indie developer Chucklefish sells over a million copies of Starbound

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Chucklefish has announced that its open-world 2D adventure Starbound has sold over a million copies.

The game is still in beta and has been made by a relatively unknown studio. Chucklefish hasn’t provided any further details about the sales viz. breakdown and whether the one million copies includes the preorder numbers.

“We’ve just passed a MILLION copies sold. Keeping with the Keanu Reeves theme… http://i.imgur.com/iBY3OfP.jpg #whoa” read the tweet.

Steam may be one of the reasons behind the success of the game; however, its independent sales can’t be discredited for the fact that it managed to raise a whopping $2.17 million through its own open development campaigns and crowdfunding.

Starbound is often described as a 2D indie sci-fi sandbox and can be bought from Steam for $15 or direct from Chucklefish. The game is available on Linux, Mac and PC.