Brian Krzanich at CES 2014: We will rebrand McAfee Security to Intel Security

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During his CES 2014 key note Brian Krzanich more or less killed the McAfee Security brand and announced that the software will be rebranded as Intel Security.

McAfee Security will be stripped off its founder’s name, John McAfee, but the red McAfee shield will remain intact for now. The software isn’t going to change, but the name will be changed to Intel Security, while some of the components of the mobile security suite will be made freely available to Android and iOS users.

“Intel is bringing its award-winning mobile security to every mobile device, phones, tablets, wearables,” Krzanich said notes CNET.

Krzanich didn’t say which all service will be rebranded, but from the key note it was evident that at least the consumer security products will be the first ones that will be rebranded. The death knell was just a few sentences long and we expect more information in the months to come.

Rebranding may be a way to sideline the security company’s mistakes and to present the software as a security suite that flaunts Intel’s strengths to its home and enterprise consumers.