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Linux 3.13-rc7 announced

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Linus Torvalds has announced Linux 3.13-rc7 noting that even though the things are calming down, he will release rc8 before releasing the final one.

The outgoing week was relatively a lot quiet and things have been settling down. Over half of the updates in Linux 3.13-rc7 are related to networking, while the rest was drivers, architecture updates, and other random stuff including file system updates.

Torvalds notes that this could have been the last rc if he wouldn’t have been travelling. “there isn’t really anything holding up a release, even if there are a couple of patches still going through discussions and percolating through maintainers”, he said in the mailing list announcement.

“But rather than do a real 3.13 next weekend, I’ll be on the road and decidedly *not* opening the merge window, so I’ll do an rc8 next week instead, needed or not.”

This means that we are going to see one more release candidate and the final release will be most probably on January 19.