Steam & Origin servers hit by separate DDoS attacks

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The same individual / group which claimed the responsibility of taking down Dota 2, LoL, Quake Live, Club Penguin, Battle.net servers a couple of days back have taken down EA’s Origin servers and a separate twitter user has claimed responsibility of attacks on Steam.

DERP claimed through a tweet that they have directed their attacks on EA servers. “We’ve directed the Gaben Laser Beam™ @ the EA login servers. Origin #offline”, DERP tweeted. EA has already acknowledged the issue and has tweeted that the “matter is under investigation”. The gaming company hasn’t provided any other information, but as of this writing the servers were back online.

In another DDoS attack, Steam was taken offline and its Store front was also down because of the attack. It’s not DERP who claimed the responsibility, but another Twitter user chF. “So we just took down http://steampowered.com” tweeted chF. The Twitter user has also claimed that they will now be targeting Battle.net servers. Steam Store is back online and seems to be working properly.

This is the third day of attacks on gaming severs with DERP starting off the DDoS on December 31, 2013 in a bid to disrupt the game of one particular user PhantomL0rd.