E3 2016 – Playstation VR will have Star Wars and Resident Evil VII

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At E3 2016, the video game trade show in Los Angeles, Sony unveiled many news games for Playstation VR along with Star Wars and Resident Evil VII.

Apart from them, Final Fantasy, Batman and Call of Duty were also be previewed.

All of these will require games to use the PlayStation VR headset provided by Sony which will be released in October this year and will cost $399.

Right before E3, Sony had confirmed that it is planning to release an upgraded version of Playstation 4. This new upgrade, which is currently being called Project Neo, will be able to output 4K graphics.

Apart from virtual reality games, the company also announce many exclusive games, including the much awaited, The Last Guardian. This adventure game was first announced in 2009, and now the final release date has been set to October 25, 2016.

Though, No Man’s Sky whose release date was recently announced as August 12, 2012, did not make an appearance at E3 2016.

While Sony’s virtual reality games and headset aren’t the first one in the market, they are definitely one of the most affordable ones.

Microsoft had announced earlier that they will be launching a new console for VR in 2017, but Sony tried to take a dig at them by stating that PS4 is already powerful enough for VR.

But then again, Playstation VR isn’t as sophisticated as HTC’s Vive and Oculus Rift.

Coming to Resident Evil, it is a definitely a good game for VR. It was released with the first Playstation where it took a good 20 seconds to open every door. It build suspense, and fear, while giving the console time to load the room ahead.

In the new Resident Evil for Playstation VR, the view will be lit by torchlight combined with a narrow field of vision.

As Sony provided demos of some of their games in the press conference, a live orchestra played in the background throughout the event.

During the conference, Shawn Layden, Sony Interactive Entertainment Executive talked took a moment to talk about the recent mass shooting in Orlando and said, “On behalf of the PlayStation community, I just want to say that our thoughts are with the victims and the families and the community of Orlando,”