No Man’s Sky UK release date revealed

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No Man’s Sky is undoubtedly the most anticipated game this year for PC and PS4, but fans of the game have been continuously asking one question – When is it releasing?

Playstation UK wrote on their Twitter page yesterday that the game will be in EU countries on August 10, and for the UK, it will be released on August 12.

The launch of No Man’s Sky was first announced at VGX 2013 by Hello Games, which is also the same studio behind the Joe Danger Series. Then, Sony talked about the game in E3 2014 and the game was explained in-depth at E3 2015.

No Man’s Sky is an indie title, and yet, it is amazing to see the support Sony is giving it. Almost seems like it is Sony’s own in-house game. This is probably because Sony knows the potential of this PS4 exclusive game and the great gaming experience it can offer on any platform.

Commercial Director of Sony UK, Fergal Gara said in a statement that, “No Man’s Sky has been treated as if it was from one of our internal studios. We have been working very closely with the developers and bringing it into our release programme as if we had made it. We are not going to treat it any differently and we are going to put the full weight of PlayStation behind it. If it all comes together as well as expected, it will be treated like a first-party release; it is not a self-published small indie title on the platform.”

Right now the game will only be launched for PS4 and PC, and it seems unlikely that an Xbox one version will be released. Though, it could change with time. The Mac version of the game also seems like a long shot, but there have been rumours of a late 2016 release.

The creator of the game, Sean Murray has also hinted that No Man’s Sky might be made available for VR.

When asked about VR, he said, “I don’t know what I’m allowed to say. It’s something we’re thinking about. Morpheus, Oculus… There’s nothing more cool and sci-fi than VR and a big procedural universe. I think that, for the people who want to just explore, and even for the space combat and things like that, it would be a good fit. Let’s put it that way.”

The game was originally slated to be released in June 2016 but less than a month before the release date, rumours started circulating that the game had been delayed with no further explanation. GameStop, which already received the marketing merchandise was instructed by the company to hide June release dates from all the products by putting ‘Coming soon’ stickers over it.

Fans also speculated that the game might be extremely delayed but with a set release date in August, No Man’s Sky will finally see the light of the day.