Stop nuisance calls by sending a text message from your mobile phone

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Nuisance calls are not just annoying but when they call you at the wrong time, it can be downright pathetic.

Blocking numbers is a solution, but you cannot block numbers that you don’t even know, and marketing companies have a tendency of calling from a different number every time.

Fortunately for UK mobile users, communications regulator, Ofcom has introduced a new telephone number through which users will be able to opt out of these extremely annoying phone calls.

Mobile users would have to add their number to the ‘do not call’ database of the Telephone Preferences Services (TPS). To do that, they would have to send ‘TPS’ to 78070. After that, they will get an SMS confirming that their number has been successfully added to the database.

Although, it can take up to 28 days for the changes to be successfully active, users will start noticing a reduction in sales and marketing phone calls in just a week.

According to Ofcom, only 48 per cent of the total users familiar with TPS are aware that mobile numbers can be registered and added to the ‘do not call’ list. Whereas 88 per cent of the users are aware that landline phones can be added to the list.

These statistics helped Ofcom understand why only 3 per cent of the total mobile phones in the UK, which comes up to about 2.9 million, were registered with TPS. Whereas 18.5 million landlines (around 85 per cent) were already registered with TPS.

Head of the TPS, John Mitchison, talked about this issue and said, “Rogue callers operate illegally and against the interests of ordinary people.

“Texting will make it easier for people to register their mobile numbers on the TPS, which is the only official no-call list, and help us stamp out rogue callers once and for all by giving the Information Commissioner more ammunition to prosecute these cases.”

Consumer Group Director of Ofcom, Lindsey Fussell also shared her thoughts about this, “Many millions of landline customers already take advantage of the protection the TPS gives against nuisance calls, and we want to ensure it’s as easy as possible for mobile users to do the same.

“We encourage anyone who wants to reduce the number of frustrating and unwanted calls to their mobile phone to register with the TPS today.”

The Minister responsible for Data Protection, Baroness Neville Rolfe said, “Nuisance calls are incredibly intrusive and can cause significant distress, particularly to elderly and vulnerable members of society. This new service from the TPS and Ofcom will help protect people with mobile phones, making it easier for them to register via text and opt out of the call list.”