Science journal: An app for on-spot-experiment

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In a major breakthrough of sorts, this app developed by team Google can help people perform scientific experiments by just using their smartphone. This android app – Science Journal – is made for those people who would like to harness the potential of their simple smartphone to conduct experiments on the go. This app turns the phone into a tricoder of sorts, which can allow the smartphone to put its sensors into good use and gather data, visualize the data into a graph in a way that can be understood even by a novice.

The app isn’t a god material or something that can provide solutions or answers to all your data needs. But it sure is a significant step towards what can be called as maximizing the potential of the technology developed so far, and harness its benefits.

Google is working hard to expand its utility exponentially, and science journal seems like a tiny step in that direction. Talks are on with various partners to develop external kits that can be used in conjunction to the Science Journal App which uses various microcontrollers and other sensors.

The app can be currently bought on Google’s Making and Science website. The app typically uses sensors available on the phone such as light sensors, accelerometers and more to conduct limited number of experiments. Google also suggests projects that can be conducted using the app such as measuring running speeds over a particular period of time to measuring the movement of homemade wind spinners.

Sensors that are inbuilt in our phones are good enough to conduct basic experiments, and yet be able to yield accurate data owing to the high precision materials that have been used in smartphones. When the sensors on the phone are not enough to capture the data, one can always add external sensors to make predictions, capture data, conduct multiple trials, compare and repeat all over again, if need be and move to the next level.

Google has plans of open sourcing the app sooner than later. But right now, it is time to put that smartphone to a scientific use over communication needs, and move on from being a number in the world of smartphone users. This one is notches above since this would allow children to develop scientific temperament at no extra cost for the parents, or without having to add another beaten gadget into the physical space.