Hello Moto, Is Moto Razr flip phone really coming back?

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Lenovo, which now runs Motorola Mobility took their followers back in time by posting a video on Youtube featuring Motorola’s iconic Moto Razr.

Titled “06.09.16”, the short video which is set in a 90’s school hall way shows kids using the popular flip phone and their teacher looking at them enviously. The video is captioned, “Flip back to the Razr days to yesteryear and get ready for the future.” And at the end it says – TTYL (Talk to you later).

It also states a date at the end – June 9th, 2016. This is the date of Lenovo Tech World event which will take place in San Francisco. It is already known that Lenovo would be launching some new devices on the event day.

So, could it be possible that Lenovo might be bringing back Moto Razr?


While it’s nothing like today’s phones, Moto Razr was one of the most popular phones back in the day. It was launched on 2004 and it suddenly became a fashion icon because it was so sleek and edgy, especially compared to the stubby Nokia phones. And not to forget its razor etched keypad which blew people over.

Campaigned by David Beckham, Moto Razr sold over 130 million units, becoming the most successful flip phone in the world and it’s listed among the 10 most popular phones of all times.

It might have had a mere 2.2- inch screen and 0.3 megapixel camera, but it still reminds us of the simpler old times when we didn’t have to care about the countless apps and the draining battery.

While the first obvious interpretation of the video is that Lenovo might be relaunching Moto Razr, but a flip phone like that certainly wouldn’t work in 2016. Also, while Razr is synonymous with flip phones, there have been many touch screen phones launched under the same name as well.

Flip phones have a very limited appeal and with users opting for bigger and bigger screens, it can be difficult to find a large target audience for them. Assuming the phone would run on Android, and it might have a keypad too, keeping it as light as Moto Razr would also be a challenge.

The second interpretation of the video might just be that Lenovo is trying to create buzz about their event by remembering Motorola’s heritage.

The third interpretation might be that Lenovo is really launching a flip phone, but may be a limited edition, retro style phone.

It might be 2016, and we might have got used to bigger and brighter screens, but let’s be honest, nothing really feels as good as flicking the flip phone, after an angry call.
For now, we have a lot of questions and it looks like, they will only be answered on June 9th.