Fallout 4 player releases unreleased DLC

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For quite some time now, some of the Fallout 4 players have been able to play a closed beta version and unreleased DLC of the game which is help by Bethesda. All the players that are participating and playing this beta version are obviously under a non-disclosure agreement to make sure details about the games are not leaked outside.

But, things didn’t quite go as planned by the company. Ever since the first Automatron DLC beta version was launched back in March. Many leaked photos of Fallout 4 have hit the internet. But up until now, it was never a major concern because all the leaks only gave information about mechanical additions to the game and they weren’t really story heavy, and did not give out too much.

As the new Far Harbour DLC came out, its spoilers started coming out as well. The problem is – Far Harbour is rather story heavy since players have to take on a new case with their old detective friend Nick Valentine. And obviously, when the spoilers for this came out, the other gamers went completely mad

Different screenshots from the game started making their way to Reddit and 4chan and from there, they were also uploaded to Youtube. While some of the users were just trolling, in the same way they spoiled the ending of Fallout 4 in 2015. But some of the players were essentially breaking their non-disclosure agreements.

One of the screenshots, which has since been deleted, showed a machine gun which was previously absent from Fallout 4. Another screenshot showed a harpoon gun which was evidently deleted from the main game as well as the vault by Bethesda.

Though players are saying mostly positive things about the game, the developers should have been the ones explaining this game in the first place.

While previously the leaks were contained till a few screenshots and videos. But this time, Far Harbour DLC has been uploaded to torrent websites and modding hub Nexus. So, basically the entire Fallout 4 addition that actually costs $24.99 is now available for free online, to anybody.

The torrent link has also been taken down but the cached version of the website proved that the game was downloaded by almost 800 people.

The owner of Nexus Mod, Robin Scott said, “[The mod] was taken down because Bethesda asked us to as it contained copyrighted material that was uploaded without permission from the original creator (in this case, Bethesda). Such actions are a flagrant breach of our well known strict rules.”