UK Video Game Chart – Battleborn is at the top

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For last week which ended on May 7th, Battleborn officially debuted on the number one spot on UK video game sales chart.

The game has been created and developed by Gearbox studios. Since it was an online-only game it had no reviews whatsoever when it was launched on last Tuesday.

The chart did not specify how the game did in comparison to other similar games like Borderlands, all it specified were the sales reports. Around 52 per cent of Battleborn sales have come from PS4, 45 per cent of the sales have come from Xbox One while three per cent of the sales are from PC users.

Also, Battleborn was able to get to the top on all the formats charts but it was unable to get to the top spot on the individual formats charts. It had to settle for the third spot while Call Of Duty: Black Ops III and Ratchet & Clank took the top spots.

But even the release of Battleborn wasn’t able to change the overall decreasing video game sales in the UK which have been down by about 11 per cent week after week. Many critics claim this is because of the improving weather but it might also be because there were no major releases.

There were a lot of surprises this week. Black Ops III was down by 3 per cent and Ratchet & Clank in its third week was down by over 51 per cent.

On the other hand, Grand Theft Auto V saw a 20 per cent increase while Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, which had been previously stolen, saw a whopping 125 per cent increase which got it to the number 15 spot. It was probably because of the non-stop promotions.

Also Doom is all set to release this Friday so it will be interesting to see where it gets on the charts next week.

Battleborn might be here to stay


Battleborn is a player versus player MOBA game with a large variety of abilities and characters to choose from. In fact, the game’s variety is its main feature. Players usually have to take their own time to understand each character and their unique abilities.

Some critics might say that Battleborn feels clustered but the fact is, many gamers are longing for a variety like this so that they can find their own identity in their virtual avatar.

Though it can be played as a single player game, it’s really not as much fun because it was essentially designed as a multi-player game. And the different cartoon intros of each character is what makes the game all the more fun.