Dark Souls III gifting system has got jacked

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It seems that one of the best parts of the game Dark Souls III is proving to be the most problematic for the users.

Gamers were able to give their weapons as gifts to other players, if they didn’t want them anymore, but if reports circling are true then it seems like hackers have attacked the Dark Souls III and gamers receiving gifts are facing unknown errors.

Earlier last week, we covered the launch of Dark Souls III. Game players all around the world were psyched to know the third instalment of the epic game was finally out. But this news has definitely disappointed many.

How hackers attacked Dark Souls III

Leaving gifts for other players is probably one of the noblest things you can do for them on the game. After all, if you have got 50 of the same weapons in your inventory, it doesn’t hurt to drop a few off for the people who might need them more than you. But now it seems like the hackers are using this very concept to destroy saved user files.

It was Bandai Namko who found this error in the game over the weekend and warned the gamers about it. Users impacted by this are receiving an ‘invalid game data’ message which refuses to go away.

Essentially, hackers are trying to damage user weapons and when these weapons are given to some other user, the recipient of the goods will receive the error message until they have completely deleted the offending data from their drive.

In a statement released by Namko, they said, “This message is intended to inform end users that some external file, modification of game save data, exploit or cheat/hack, or alterations to the game have been detected by the Dark Souls III server team and that the end users’ account/profile has been flagged for further investigation.”

“The warning message will continue to be displayed until the Dark Souls III server team has determined whether or not a violation of the End User License Agreement (EULA) occurred. At that point the account/profile will either have restrictions placed on it (to limit the online interactions during multiplayer sessions and a further penalty message of “You have been Penalized” issued) or the “Invalid Game Data” warning message removed,” they added.

As disappointing and as shocking as it might be, attacking a free form system like Dark Souls is actually easier than you think. If you are playing Dark Souls III currently, we would recommend playing offline for some time, at least till the company figures out how to get rid of this problem.

Also if you are presented with a weapon in Dark Souls III, opt to die with dignity instead of taking on contaminated souls which could give you a terrible error.