BT increases prices for both landline and broadband customers

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Disappointing news for all the BT customers is on its way. The company has announced that there will be price hikes for both landline and broadband customers in the coming months.

There will be changes in both the unlimited anytime calls and line rentals, and that means over 7.9 million will have to spend more money.

For BT line customers, line rentals will be increased by £1 per month. This means there will be a 5.5 per cent hike, and the cost will go up to £19.

The company’s popular Unlimited Anytime Calls package will also face a 6.9 per cent increase, as the rates will be hiked from £7.95 to £8.50.

And it doesn’t just end there, the rates of fixed-cost landline calls have also increased by 11.3 per cent and the current rate is at 19p per minute. For 0870 numbers and UK landlines, the rates have been increased from 10.24 to 11p per minute.

BT’s broadband customers consist of 6.2 million out of the total 7.9 billion and they will see an increase in monthly tariff. Both standard and unlimited broadband customers will have to pay £2 more each month. The standard customers will have to pay £15 while the unlimited customers would have to shell out £20 per month.

BT had recently announced that they will be increasing the broadband speeds of Infinity 1 subscribers from 38 Mbps to 52 Mbps. But now it makes more sense as the company has increased rates for Infinity 1 subscribers by £3 per month.

The prices for BT sport will also be increased by £1 per month and the rates will now be £6 per month. But the service will still be free for BT broadband and TV customers.

Talking about this price raise, John Petter, BT Consumer chief executive said, “We realise that customers never welcome price rises, but we have again ensured that low-income customers avoid increases. And we continue to highlight money-saving options for all customers, including those who just want a great value package of a line and calls, such as Home Phone Saver 2019.”

“We know that customers also want great service and to be protected from nuisance calls. That’s why we have invested to be able to promise that we’ll answer 80 per cent of our customers’ calls in the UK by the end of this year.”

“And we will also launch a comprehensive defence against nuisance calls that will divert up to 25 million unwanted calls a week before they ever bother BT customers”, he added.

Also, following EE Limited’s, BT has also announced that they will be moving their customer service to the UK in order to create more jobs in the UK.

All the price changes are reported to come into effect by July 3.