Twitter introduced new features to get rid of Trolls and Haters

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Twitter is one of those places on the internet where users give their opinion even if it’s not needed. The big reason why many people prefer Twitter over Facebook is because the former is more open and public.

Users have the ability to share their thoughts with any of their friends, celebrities, strangers or even the President of their country. But this openness has also been the reason behind trolls and haters on the social networking website.

New feature allows users to flag accounts


In an attempt to make their platform more positive and cleaner, Twitter announced a new feature which will allow users to flag and report abusive accounts. Cyber bullying has become a major problem on the internet and Twitter is doing its part to protect its users by letting them flag those accounts which they find attacking or abusive.

This step was probably taken by the company because over the last few months the management has been under the pressure of both users and its investors because it failed to deal harassment on the platform in the right way.

The ex CEO of the company Dick Costolo, accepted the mistake and said, “We suck at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform, and we’ve sucked at it for years.”

Up until now, Twitter users could only flag and report individual tweets which was obviously difficult for some. If you have used Twitter, you would know that the situation is usually aggravated from more than one tweet.

The new update will make it easier for the users to attach a number of tweets together and report them to Twitter. This will obviously help the company’s security team to quickly resolve the issue.

The company wrote about this on their blog and said, “We want everyone on Twitter to feel safe expressing themselves. Behavior that crosses the line into abuse is against our rules and we want it to be easy for you to report it to us. So, today we’re introducing an improvement to our reporting process: the ability to attach multiple Tweets to a single report.”

In case you are wondering, this is not the first attempt made by the company to create a more secure platform. A few months back, Twitter announced that it was building a Trust and Security council with 40 members on the team. Experts from several companies were invited to join the council and share their thoughts on how to make Twitter more secure.

Last year, the company rolled out another feature which allowed users to share the accounts that they had blocked. This allowed other users to stay clear of those accounts.

Because of several harassment cases, Twitter has also experienced a drop in its active user base. New teenage users no longer want to sign up for Twitter since they find Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat more secure and easy.

It is predicted that Twitter will be introducing more security features in late 2016.