Dark Souls III gets the biggest debut with the number one spot in UK

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Dark Souls has always been a considerably popular game, even though it was a hard core and time-consuming game. But it was never this successful. The sales have jumped up by over 61% for the new Dark Souls III as compared to Dark Souls II. And the game has officially taken the coveted number one spot on UK top 40.

There were no major game releases this week, reducing competition for Dark Souls III anyway, but still, fans have never been this excited about the game.

It was also reported that 71 per cent of the sales were made through Play Station, and only 26 per cent went with Xbox. It’s pretty clear that fans like to play this game on the Play Station more than the Xbox.

It is also being said that the success of Dark Souls III on Play Station pushed the Bloodborne Game Of The Year Edition, which was a Play Station 4 exclusive, back on the Top 40 list. The game is currently on the 38th spot.

Apart from Dark Souls, sales were reportedly down for the most of the games on the Top 40 chart. DiRT rally was down by 66 per cent, Quantum break was down by 64 per cent and the Division dropped by 40 per cent.

The only surprising change was brought in by EA Sports UFC 2 that reported an increase of a whopping 64 per cent. Though that is probably because of the discounts that have been going on.

What you need to know before playing Dark Souls III

The sales have jumped up by over 61% for the new Dark Souls III as compared to Dark Souls II

If you haven’t played any of the last two versions of the games and you are afraid you won’t be able to play this one because you don’t know the story, then there is a good news for you – nobody knows the complete story. This is because the story is just so complex that gamers often lose track.

Also, if you don’t want to buy the game because you have heard it is ‘too hard’, then you should definitely think it over again.

Dark Souls III is a great game and that is not because it’s hard. The hundreds of deaths that you face will only help you learn to fight better against your enemies.

When you start playing the game, the first thing you need to do is check your corners because there can be assassins anywhere. They can also just attack you from the top, so you need to be cautious and quick at the same time.

Another great tip is to get enemies alone and then attack them. It will obviously be very hard if you try to attack the enemies all together.

Overall, Dark Souls III is a great game even with disheartening deaths and it is expected to be on the top of UK charts for at least a few weeks.