New BT Infinity 1 Service will Provide 52 Mbps Speed

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With an aim to provide higher speeds for their customers, BT group has just announced a new upgrade for BT Infinity 1 subscribers which will have a 52 Mbps connection speed. This is a 32 percent increase from the previous 38 Mbps speed.

This increase was the result of entry level fibre broadband which BT introduced in its infrastructure. The customers who are already subscribed to Infinity 1 package can directly upgrade to start enjoying high speeds without any extra costs.

Of course, the company mentioned that this is the ‘maximum’ speed which means the average speed will be lower than the advertised speed. But, it is still better than a 38 Mbps connection.

This upgrade will be especially useful for big file downloads and video streaming, which is getting very popular these days. Needless to say, Netflix users would rejoice to see the new upgraded speed.

A 30 GB file would have taken about 105 minutes to download at a speed of 38 Mbps, but with 52 Mbps, the time would reduce to merely 75 minutes.

Though, it is a comparatively close race, and it is unlikely that BT will hold this record for too long, but currently, BT Infinity is the fastest internet provider using entry level fibre for base packages.

Virgin, TalkTalk, and Sky, all use the same Open Reach network that BT uses, and they provide similar packages. So, it won’t be surprising if the other services come out with similar speed packages as well.

Virgin media is pretty close, but its base package limits the speed to 50 Mbps. But BT’s 78Mbps Infinity 2 package is nowhere near Virgin’s 700 Mbps business package. Clearly, BT still has a long road ahead.

But before you even get the new upgrade, you should remember that you would only get over 52 Mbps speed if you are getting 32 Mbps currently. If you are only getting 20-25 Mbps speed on average, then you will get about 40-45 Mbps speed even after the upgrade.

The speed boost will definitely delight the customers who were subscribed to BT’s Ultra HD package and were told that they would enjoy 44 Mbps speed, but they didn’t.

How to get the BT Infinity 1

If you are an existing customer, then you can directly upgrade to the service with absolutely no extra cost, but you will be asked to sign a new contract with a fixed duration.

New customers would need to pay a monthly fee of £10 for the first year, and there will be a cap of 25 GB. If you want unlimited downloads, then you can opt for the £12.5 monthly plan.