Facebook for Work almost ready; will be landing early next year

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Fancy Facebooking while on work, but blocked due to corporate and company policies? Well you may soon be able to socialise while working through ‘Facebook for Work’.

Yes! Facebook for Work is finally ready and with testing underway by limited users, the social network will soon be releasing it for public consumption – most probably within the first few months of 2016.

The social network, which has amassed the largest userbase of its kind, is all set to reign in on work environments with its ‘no-candy crush’ theme for offices and according to Facebook’s Julien Codorniou, director of global platform partnerships at Facebook, the for work version of the social network is about 95 per cent of what they have developed for their employees for use during work.

Facebook says that the features it will be providing in ‘Facebook for Work’ will increase productivity and this means that users wouldn’t most probably be allowed to go on a sharing rampage of that cat video that they just found on the Internet.

Facebook for Work will have its wings clipped during launch and will be an invite basis affair, but that’s most probably because the social networking giant wants to have a few users test it out first without letting the cats out of the sack in one go. If things go well, Facebook may let the work version of its social network spread its wings and while there isn’t much detail available about the ‘productivity-boosting’ variant, we believe one thing that it will have is ads targeting business users.

“Facebook became a bigger and bigger part of our work day. We’ve been discussing it for years so now we’re making the first externally available product. I’ve had a long passion for making work more efficient,” said Lars Rasmussen, the engineering director leading the London-based Facebook at Work project in January.

As per information available from reports, companies may be able to pay for the extra tools related to productivity and one such example is customer support through Facebook for Work. While there has been no information on the number of businesses that have signed up for ‘Facebook for Work’, it is said that more than 300 companies have already signed up for the testing with Heineken and Royal Bank of Scotland being some of the major companies.