Venus-Jupiter-Mars gathering in early morning sky to go on for a week

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The planetary trio of Venus, Jupiter, and Mars will continue their celestial dance in early morning sky for a week until November 3 and will be visible globally.

While this event isn’t a very rare one, it isn’t a common one either and during this week, those rising early before sunrise will be in for a treat. As the planetary motions go, the three planets are making their routine journey around the Sun and have come to a point where they are perfectly placed for us to view in the early morning sky even without special equipment.

As seen in the animation below, Venus is going to be the brightest among the three planets and like a sprinter overtaking the competitor overtakes Jupiter today and over the course of next few days picks up its pace and leaves Mars behind too.


You will need to get up well before the sun rises in the morning to view the planetary trio – a term used for a group of any three planets when are inside a circle having a 5 degree diameter. From tomorrow till November 3, look on the east at approximately 5:00 AM and you would be able to view the planets in varying degree of brightness even with the naked eye.

Those who have access to a pair of binoculars or a telescope can always use the instruments to view the celestial event, but with the naked eye the trio will be visible without much trouble. They reflect sunlight steadily so you won’t find these planets flickering like stars.

Of all the planets, Venus is the brightest in the sky followed by Jupiter. If we compare the brightness, Mars is some 250 times fainter than Venus, and some 25 times fainter than Jupiter.

While the view for people living in cities won’t be bad, it won’t be anywhere near the view you will get while watching the planets from a countryside. If that is not possible, we recommend you chose a place with very low light pollution to get the best view possible. Also, weather forecast for Monday, isn’t all that bad and if things stay the way they are now, you are in for a fascinating view.