Scarborough Sea Life Centre hosting ‘Face your fears’ event

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The Sea Life Centre in Scarborough will be playing host to a new ‘Face your fears’ event wherein visitors will have the opportunity to come face-to-face with some of the world’s most feared predators.

Running from October 26 to November 1, this six day event will have two shows daily wherein visitors will embark on a ‘terror-ific’ quiz trail around the Sea Life Centre where they will get to learn about the amazing creatures including an American alligator, reticulated python, tarantulas, among others.

“Your spooky quiz trail will lead you to the Face Your Fears den where you will discover not everything is as scary as it seems!”, the description of the event reads. “Face Your Fears is a brand new show led experience and fun for the whole family as guests come face-to-face with Daisy the American Alligator, John the Reticulated Python and much, much more! Adults will be invited to hold tarantulas and scorpions – if they dare – in a one of a kind handling session.”

According to the centre, visitors will have a chance to meet Daisy the American alligator and John the reticulated python. Daisy has been chosen as the ambassador for American alligators as it will help educate the visitors about the dangers faced by these creatures.

According to aquarist Jordan Woodhead, American alligators are native to south eastern America and the ‘Face your fears’ event provides Britons a one of kind chance to come close to one of these creatures.

“In the wild American alligators are facing conservation challenges due to the growing popularity of skinned goods such as boots and handbags”, Woodhead added.

While educating visitors about such species is one of the objectives, the event will also see the Sea Life Centre educate and raise awareness among visitors about the dangers man-made activities pose on these creatures.