Firms in UK join forces to fight cyber crime

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Multiple small companies in the West Midlands, UK have joined hands to fight cyber crime with the help of a computer game.

Developers over at Serious Games have teamed up with organisational psychologists from Aston University in Birmingham and a cyber-security specialist to create a game that they hope will be used alongside business trainings imparted to professionals.

Reason behind choosing game as a medium to impart knowledge about cyber crime, according to Tim Luft, managing director of Serious Games, and Michael Loginov, director at Information Systems Security Association, was that it makes the whole subject more interactive and easy to understand notes BBC.

On the other hand there is this group of 45 small companies known as Malvern Cyber Security Cluster with a common aim of stopping cyber criminals. Members of the group know the cybercrime problem and collaborate to fend off hackers. The members cooperate with each other on initiatives to help their cyber security businesses grow, while also ensuring that the cyber security posture of local enterprises improve. The group also raises “awareness of cyber security amongst young people.”