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Now 3D-print your chocolate face for £80 and eat it

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Choc Edge is offering services using which chocolate fans can get edible version of their faces 3D-printed in chocolate for as low as £50.

The company has printers that will 3D-print various shapes including your face using chocolate staring £50 through to £80 that you can eat. Interested customers need to send out their picture along with the fee and the company will print out a chocolate model using instructions which are sent from a computer.

Choc Edge owner and University of Exeter lecturer Dr Liang Hao said

“Everyone loves chocolate so that’s why we’ve tried to make it easy and accessible for mainstream consumers.”

You can buy the printer, but it costs a whopping £2,885. The printer plugs into a computer through the USB port like any other regular printer.

Check out the video below:

[Source: Metro]