First Rockstar verified user created GTA Online jobs announced

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Two weeks after the launch of GTA Online Deathmatch & Race Creators, first batch of user created Rockstar verified GTA Online jobs have been announced.

“Today we present the very first officially Rockstar Verified Jobs made by players, hand-picked and stamped with our Rockstar seal of approval from amongst the tons and tons of awesome Deathmatches and Races out there”, announced Rockstar.

A total of 10 jobs have received Rockstar verified stamp including 6 races and 4 deathmatches. Races include Over the Hill II by LXG_No_Mercy, Jump and Die by keatonw33, Jumps Jumps Jumps by iTzPressure, Quick ‘n Quarrelsome by FatiguePsycho, Drift King by MrPalms, and LS Forum by caskillo, while the deathmatches include Seal Team Six by ishtheengineer, Saving Ryan’s Privates by dafr3aka, Prison Thugz Fight by Mike921 and Bridge of Death by Junestar225.

As of now each of them have retained the original names given by their creators, but Rockstar has revealed that it may change the names if it is forced to do so by copyright laws or other such issues.

The GTA Online developer has revealed that it will be blessing more and more user created content with Rockstar Verified stamp. It may be an uphill task for Rockstar as users have already created over a million jobs since the content creator went live.