Microsoft starts rolling out new Xbox One experience in phased manner

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So are you ready for a new yet bug-laden Xbox One experience, then head out to your inbox and check if you are one of those lucky ones to have been given the first opportunity to test it out on your beloved Xbox One.

The new Xbox One experience was doled out to a subset of preview members starting September 18 with a promise to speed up access, ease of use and enhanced user experience. Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb’s does throw in a line of indirect warning that the whole new experience is still a work in progress and before the final version is released, it is to undergo a rigorous set of updates, and polishing based on internal observations as well as fan feedback.

Some of the features of the new dashboard of Xbox One are designed home that packs vertical scrolling and a rearranged interface to provide faster and easier access to your most-recently accessed games and apps; ability to quickly jump to Pins and My Games and Apps; new guide for fast access to essentials; Friends and Parties; Notifications; Messages; Frequently-accessed settings; and OneGuide among others.

While Microsoft’s behind the new dashboard are not at all evil, it seems that the new ‘dented’ experience is not going down with all those who have managed to download the update. Users are complaining about hard resets, screen discolouration, game breaks in the middle of the game among other issues.

However, taking a peak at this Reddit thread does give us a hint that the overall experience of users is on the bright side of the spectrum and through there have been initial few hiccups things are looking good.