Vodafone Wi-Fi calling rolling out across UK over the course of next few weeks

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Are you on Vodafone network and stuck in a place where there is poor mobile network connectivity? Worry not as Vodafone too has joined the Wi-Fi calling bandwagon and over the course of next few weeks the feature will be rolled out across UK for a select few handsets.

The move follows similar roll out of the feature by EE, O2 and Three in the UK and customers on Red, Red Value, or Red+ plan will be able to utilise the feature for free without paying a penny extra.

“It works wherever a customer is connected to WiFi, in a café, at home or the office, and automatically connects just like a normal call when a mobile signal is weak or non-existent”, Vodafone notes in a blog post.

Londoners on Vodafone network are going to be particularly happy as they will be able to utilise the feature to make calls while travelling in the tube utilising the tube’s Wi-Fi.

Unlike O2 and three though, Vodafone users won’t need to download and install any app to avail this feature. All that you need to do is flick the ‘Wi-Fi Calling’ switch in supported handset from settings and you are ready to roll.

“There is no need to navigate through an App and, unlike some Internet-based voice services customers can call anyone on any network. Vodafone WiFi Calling will be rolling out nationwide over the next few weeks on a number of leading Smartphones”, notes Vodafone.