Facebook isn’t cool anymore

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A new European Union-funded study has found that teenagers are migrating away from Facebook to other services including Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp.

University College London (UCL) material sciences professor Daniel Miller, in a paper based on the study, has referred Facebook as being ‘dead and buried’ to teenagers. Miller has revealed that teenagers are moving away from the service and migrating to other services, but parents of these young people are still using the no. 1 social network.

Miller said that young people are moving away from Facebook because they are embarrassed to use the service and are using other services to avoid being spied upon by their parents. Miller claims that teenagers dread receiving a friend request from their parents and are less concerned about being spied upon by government organizations or big corporations.

There are business users who believe that Facebook is an evil corporation that steals user data such that it can be used by advertisers on the platform. However, teenagers are not bothered about this particular aspect and it doesn’t appear to be the prime reason why they are defecting to other social platforms.

“It is nothing new that young people care about style and status in relation to their peers, and Facebook is simply not cool anymore,” Miller said.

Another highlight of the report is the changing landscape of media. Whatsapp has overtaken Facebook as being the number one platform for messaging which indicates that dynamics of new media is changing and that social networking platforms may not be the only way forward for teens.