Vitamin C supplements have similar cardiovascular benefits as regular exercise

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Waking up early and going for a morning walk is something that everyone might not fancy, but is a recommended form of exercise and now researchers say that having vitamin C supplements could have similar cardiovascular benefits as regular exercise in overweight and obese adults.

Exercise is highly recommended for overweight and obese individuals, but it has been revealed through studies that only 50 per cent of the obese population ever indulge in exercise.

One of the key negative aspect of not exercising when overweight of obese is that blood vessels of these adults have been shown to have elevated activity of a small vessel-constricting protein called Endothelin (ET)-1. Because of high activity of ET-1, obese and overweight adults are more prone to suffer from constricting, becoming less responsive to blood flow demand and increasing risk of developing vascular disease.

Exercise is one of the means to reduce ET-1 activity, but considering that only 50 per cent of adults actually put in any effort to workout, their lives are challenging and are ultimately in danger of suffering from more dangerous health conditions.

Researchers at University of Colorado, Boulder in the US, looked into how vitamin C supplements could benefit and improve vessel function and whether ET-1 activity is lowered if such supplements are taken.

500 mg/day of vitamin C supplement is said to be linked with reduced ET-1-related vessel constriction and equal to what walking would have helped achieve. According to researchers, vitamin C supplementation represents an effective lifestyle strategy for reducing ET-1-mediated vessel constriction in overweight and obese adults.

The findings were presented at the 14th International Conference on Endothelin: Physiology, Pathophysiology and Therapeutics in Savannah, Georgia, US.