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Intel pitching Bay Trail-D-based Android smart displays against ARM

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Intel is pitching its Bay Trail-D-based inexpensive Android smart displays against ARM’s growing market share in the entry-level all-in-one (AIO) PC market segment, new reports have claimed.

ARM is slowly making inroads in the smart display segment and Intel’s upstream supply chain has confirmed that Intel is pushing out Bay Trail-D based Pentium J2850, Celeron J1850 and Celeron J1750 to its OEM partners. Smart displays are PC monitors, which can be doubled as large screened tablets come with built-in Android operating system.

According to report on DigiTimes, Intel is also planning to launch successors of the above Trail-D processors including Pentium J2950, Celeron J1900 and Celeron J1800 in the first quarter of 2014.

Intel has already worked out a plan under which it will be pushing out Celeron J1800, Pentium J1900 and Pentium J2900 for 18-inch, 18- to 21-inch and 21-inch and higher Smart Display models respectively. The price point of these displays will be between US $249 to US $349 and above.

The silicon company is also pitching Core i3-4100U, but they are comparatively pricier than the Bay Trail-D chips at around US $749. The company is also planning to push forward Core i5-4350U based smart displays sometime in the second half of 2014.