EE voted worst mobile phone company in UK

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A new report claims that Everything Everywhere is the worst-rated mobile phone company in the UK despite the fact that it was the first operator to start 4G broadband rollout in the country.

According to a ‘Not for publication or distribution’ SMIX survey report, which Daily Mail managed to get its eyes on, EE’s score fell from minus 5 to minus 20 over the period of one year. The SMIX report is based on interviews of 2,000 smartphone users and is strictly for ‘industry use’ and is not made available to public.

EE has been busy rolling out 4G services and touting about its vast 4G presence, but it seems that this is exactly what has backfired as the company has failed to deliver on its promises. According to insiders, EE hasn’t been able to live up to the expectations when it comes to 4G rollout.

“With the largest joint network in the UK, the teething problems that they have had over the last 14 months in delivering super-fast mobile Internet to a large percentage of the country has doubtlessly had a perceived negative impact for many customers, [and] their satisfaction levels in the survey certainly reflect that,” said Ernest Doku, Omio’s partnerships manager, while speaking to CNET.