Call of Duty: Ghosts update brings new ‘Heavy Duty’ mode, fixes

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Infinity Ward has released a new title update for all versions of Call of Duty: Ghosts adding an all new ‘Heavy Duty’ mode as well as fixing a lot of bugs.

As the name suggests, the ‘Heavy Duty’ mode enhances a player’s health thereby making it harder for others to kill you and vice versa. Further each player now gets 5 squad points for initial 5 levels of progression and new loadouts have been added to Infected mode thereby mix up the game mode with custom classes. The new loadouts change the way the mode is played.

When it comes to weapon balance, Infinity Ward has reduced the flinch benefit of the Focus perk for Sniper Rifles while also reducing the ADS speed and adjusting Sniper Rifle settings.

Other additional fixes include fix for unlimited perks, invisible exploit fix and players are now given 100 experience when they pick up field orders.

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