Google doodle shows off search gaint’s new logo

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Google has changed its logo and to mark the occasion, its home page is hosting a new doodle shows how the seach giant’s logo transformed into a new one.

The doodle shows a hand wiping out Google’s old logo and re-writing the company’s name with multi-color crayons that turns into a swirl of playful colored dots followed by a multi-colour G. It ends with the new logo wherein a hand appears and tilts the ‘E’ of Google.


“We’re introducing a new logo and identity family that reflects this reality and shows you when the Google magic is working for you, even on the tiniest screens,” Google noted in a blog post.

“We’ve taken the Google logo and branding, which were originally built for a single desktop browser page, and updated them for a world of seamless computing across an endless number of devices and different kinds of inputs — such as tap, type and talk.”

The revamped logo design unveiled Tuesday features the same mix of blue, red, yellow and green that Google has been using throughout its nearly 17-year history, though the hues are slightly different.

The tech giant has also replaced the well-known blue lower case “g” icon with an upper-case “G” combining blue, green, red and yellow.

Google also invented a new typeface called “Product Sans” that is meant to resemble the simple printing in a grade-school book. It will replace a serif typeface that Google has been using in its logo for more than 16 years.

The “e” in Google’s name will remain slightly tilted to reflect Google’s sometimes off-kilter thinking.

Google last revamped its logo in 2013.