Legit RapidGator URLs delisted by Google over false DMCA notices

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Google has reportedly removed multiple legit RapidGator URLs from its search results because of false DMCA notices.

RapidGator is one of the top filesharing sites, which is used by hundreds of thousands of users across the globe for sharing files – both legitimate and copyrighted content. Over the course of last few months, Google has been busy taking down the cyber-locker’s URLs from its search engine results including RapidGator’s home page (RapidGator.net), FAQ section, news section and even its copyright infringement policy it has been revealed.

If one goes through to Google and searches for the rapidgator keyword, the front page is void of any rapidgator.net results. There are results for rapidgator.org, but that is an affiliate to the original filesharing site.

RapidGator claims that the delisting of its URLs has hurt the inbound traffic. While speaking with TorrentFreak, RapidGator’s representative said, “We’ll lose thousands of visitors because of this action. This is not right. If it happens to us, it can happen to MediaFire or Dropbox tomorrow.”

RapidGator is of the opinion that the delisting of this actual domain will result into increase in phishing attacks and users may be fooled by scammers who may register similar domain names and host scamming websites.

The filesharing site has filed counter-DMCA notices with Google and is hoping that the search engine giant reinstates the non-infringing URLs; however, it hasn’t heard back from Google yet.