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Linux 3.13-rc5 released

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Linus Torvalds has announced Linux 3.13-rc5 indicating that Linux 3.13 will most likely see a rc8 release as well considering the dates on which LCA is being organized this time.

Torvalds seems to be content that last week has been calmer since rc4 and he expects that things will calm down over the next week. About 40 percent of Linux 3.13-rc5 is driver related changes and updates including GPU, networking and sound; 15 percent are architecture updates specifically powerpc; 10 percent pertains to filesystems (ceph/cifs); 10 percent is about documentation; while core kernel (scheduler) and mm (numa) fixes make up the rest of the rc5.

“Nothing really exciting stands out”, notes Torvalds in the mailing list announcement. “The bugs I was involved with were all sufficiently subtle and unusual that I didn’t feel like they raised any red flags at this point, which is just how I want it”, Torvalds added.

The Kernel guru revealed that as LCA is going to be held earlier, he is not going to open the Linux 3.14 merge window until after he is back from his travels.