Aston Martin to launch electric Rapide in 2 years; DBX crossover by 2019

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Aston Martin has revealed its plans of launching an all-electric, 800 horsepower version of the Rapide in two years time followed by a launch of the DBX crossover.

Pegged by many as competitor to current Telsa S, the all-electric Rapide would have a 200-mile range – something that fall short of the S; however, we expect more from Aston Martin as far as luxury is concerned.

According to CEO Andy Palmer, the company raised capital in April and is expanding into new vehicle categories in a bid to not only balance out environmental demands set by governments, but also to expand its portfolio and appeal to its strong UK customer base with something that is both environment friendly and luxurious.

Earlier in March, just before it received new capital, the company revealed its plans for an all-electric DBX crossover sporty utility vehicle. The car is expected to launch sometime in 2019 after the launch of the electric Rapide.

Though the lineup is impressive, the market in the UK isn’t ripe for electric cars as yet and one of the primary reasons why companies opt for making electric cars is to balance out production in Europe and some US states where manufacturers are required to show low emissions.

As far as pricing is concerned, Palmer only gave a ballpark figure stating that the all-electric Rapide would cost between $200,000 and $250,000 (£125,000 and £160,000).