WhatsApp has 400 million monthly active users

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WhatsApp has reached a new milestone – 400 million monthly active users – an achievement that is second to none with over a 100 million added in the last four months alone.

The messaging app that is devoid of any monetization drive since its inception was built by two engineers who left their jobs at Yahoo to build the cross platform WhatsApp. With competing apps emerging nearly every month, WhatsApp is the only one which provides monthly active user stats as compared to registered users like Line, Hike, and WeChat.

“WhatsApp has reached a milestone that no other mobile messaging service has achieved: 400 million monthly active users, with 100 million active users added in the last four months alone”, noted WhatsApp in a blog post.

One of the major differentiating factors between WhatsApp and other messaging apps is that the former seems to have been built with some sort of religious purity that it won’t burden users with banner ads, pop-ups, gaming promotions or paid stickers.

The team of 50, most of them engineers, has taken it unto itself to provide a messaging app that is “fast, simple, and personal,” for which it could charge users “without having to rely on annoying banner ads, game promotions, or all those other distracting “features” that come with many messaging apps.”

“Our goal in creating WhatsApp was to empower people through technology and communication, no matter who they are, or where they live”, notes WhatsApp.