ESA outs International Space Station (ISS) virtual tour

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Here’s your chance have a peek inside the International Space Station (ISS) – virtually that is – thanks to the European Space Agency, which has released a panoramic tour of the spacecraft.

The virtual tour has been developed using the picture that ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti before she left the space station after a 199 days stay. She took up to 15 pictures inside each module and with each of these images stitched together (by the assistance of Thomas Rauscher in Vienna, Austria), the ESA has released a panoramic virtual tour of the ISS for everyone to view

This is the view of the ISS as it was in June when Cristoforetti left after moving the Leonardo storage module to a new location.

You can explore the modules by zooming in to see the different objects and areas in more detail. There is map on the top right hand corner using which you can jump to other modules of the ISS. You can also use the arrow icons by the module hatches to move to another section. Currently you won’t find the Russian modules as part of the virtual tour, but ESA says that they will be available later this year.

During the tour you will also find ‘play’ icons. Click on them to watch Samantha explain or demonstrate an item, and click on the ‘text’ icons for web articles.

The tour provides you with a more immersive experience if you view it in full screen. So, we recommend you try it out here.