Apple iWatch, iPhone 6 launching in 2014 claims new report

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Apple iWatch Rumours have popped up again and this time around from behind the walled country. A Chinese technology website has claimed that Apple iWatch will be released alongside iPhone 6 in 2014, second half of 2014 to be more precise.

CTech claims that it has heard from insiders that Apple is currently working on a couple of iWatch prototypes and that the wearable gadget will be launched in 2014. Sources have claimed that Apple is yet to decide on a screen size and for that matter it is testing out iWatch with two different screen sizes.

Further the report also claims that Apple will be fitting its iWatch with a 1000mAh battery, but the company is facing battery life issues and the maximum it lasts for its 2 days between recharges. If that is the case the iWatch is no superior to Galaxy Gear from Samsung, at least when it comes to battery life, considering that Samsung’s wearable gadget doesn’t last more than a day.

To alleviate the pain of plugging a cable into the iWatch to recharge it, Apple is reportedly working towards embedding wireless charging technology in its wearable tech. It is also rumoured that Apple will incorporate the technology in all its future iDevices including iPhones and iPads and users will be able to charge their gadgets from as far as 100m.

We recommend that users take report with a grain of salt, but what do you think about the probability of iWatch being a huge hit as iPhones or iPads? Let us know in the comments section.