Stephen Hawking’s long Reddit AMA starts tomorrow

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Celebrity physicist Stephen Hawking is about to host Reddit’s longest Ask Me Anything (AMA) session that will last for quite a few weeks.

The AMA, which is the first of its kind, will open up on July 27, 8:00 AM (EST) [13:00 GMT] and users will be free to post their questions till August 4 at reddit.com/r/science. Then, Hawking will take up a few weeks to answer the questions owing to his computer-dependent communication method.

Also, the organizers have revealed that this elongated format of AMA will enable the 73 years old physicist to provide answers to users questions in detail and filled with substantial information.

The physicist is likely to touch base with a range of topics including Artificial Intelligence (AI), autonomous weapons, privacy risks in a connected world, role should computer scientists play in the law and ethics of AI development and use, among other things.

Though AI and related topics are currently on Hawking’s mind, chances are the he may even take up questions on search for extraterrestrial life and the recently announced $100 million initiative to search for aliens.

Hawking is hosting the AMA as part of the #maketechhuman initiative spearheaded by Nokia and Wired magazine. The first in the series of AMAs was hosted by World Wide Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee.