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BT ups prices of phone calls, internet

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In a recent announcement, BT revealed that it is increasing the prices of voice calls as well as internet with prices of broadband going up by up to 7 per cent.

The price hike from BT, which it says is along the lines of those imposed by other telecom operators in the country, will affect calls to landlines and mobiles, monthly line rental, call plans, as well as internet. BT said that the increase in prices will be effective from September 20.

Some of the price increases imposed by BT are as follows:

  • Calls placed from a BT landline to any mobile will now cost 13.65p a minute instead of 12.77p.
  • Standard line rentals will now cost £17.99 up from £16.99, while line rental plus goes up from £18.99 to £19.99.
  • BT’s unlimited anytime calls package will be 50p dearer with price increasing from £7.45 to £7.95 a month, for people who signed up before June 20 last year, while unlimited evening and weekend calls go from £2.12 to £2.26 for the same customers.
  • Those who have bought the packages since then will see the unlimited anytime calls rise from £7.50 to £7.95, while unlimited evening and weekend calls go from £3 a month to £3.20.
  • The cost of receiving paper bills will also increase, from £1.59 to £1.70.
  • Calls to UK landlines and 0870 numbers for customers not on call inclusive packages will rise from 9.58 pence a minute to 10.24p, while the set-up fee for landline calls, charged each time a call is connected, goes from 15.97p to 17.07p.

John Petter, chief executive of BT Consumer, acknowledged that price increases are never welcomed with open arms by customers, but he stressed that they have ensured that low-income customers are not affected. Further, they are also bringing in money-saving options for all customers such as Home Phone Saver 2018.

On the Internet front, BT has introduced a double data offer who sign another contract and free calls to BT Mobiles included in calls packages.

Those who are not happy with the price rise can always switch to another company without paying a penalty.

BT said that the price hike is a result of similar price increases imposed by other telecom operators in the UK including Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media.