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First Great Western commuters to get free Wi-Fi access starting June 2014

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First Great Western (FGW) has announced its plans of fitting 53 of its high-speed trains with networking gear to extend free Wi-Fi access to its commuters from Plymouth as early as June 2014.

The company has revealed that it plans to fit networking gear on all of FGW’s high-speed trains and its Night Riviera services in a bid to provide free Wi-Fi access to its commuters by end of 2014. The work on equipping the trains with the required equipment will commence from May 2014.

FGW has inked a deal with Nomad Digital and under the agreement, Nomad Digital will be overlooking the Wi-Fi rollout process across the rail operator’s fleet. FGW first pledged to improvise free Wi-Fi provision across its fleet in October this year.

The company’s free Wi-Fi trials of its class 180 trains have been highly received said FGW’s Managing Director Mark Hopwood.

“I am delighted that we are able to extend this free service, and within the next year all High Speed and Sleeper fleet customers will be able to read their emails, browse the web, or simply catch up with friends while on the move”, said Hopwood.

Demand for free Wi-Fi across the UK has increased over the years. Virgin Media is offering free Wi-Fi service to commuters of the London Underground while and the London Overground stations offer Wi-Fi connectivity through Sky-owned Cloud. Pubs and Cafés have also been provided with free Wi-Fi by BT, O2 and Sky.

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