Spotify announces ad-supported free music streaming apps for mobile

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Spotify has laid all the rumours and speculations to rest by announcing its new ad-supported free music streaming service for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets as anticipated.

“Today we’re giving people the best free music experience in the history of the smartphone and the tablet,” said Spotify chief executive Daniel Ek at an event held in New York.

The ad-supported free music service was limited to desktops; however, starting today users will be able to access it on their mobile gadgets. The new service is very much like Pandora however, users will be able to listen to songs of their liking while also having far greater control over the playlist.

Users will be able to either access a precompiled playlists in shuffle mode or use the free-standing shuffle products; however, they will only get a limited search queries and will only be able to listen to limited songs.

Spotify has also announced expansion of its market from 35 to 55 and all the new markets will also have access to the mobile product. Spotify has over 26 million subscribers out of which only 6 million are paying customers. Things have been changing for Spotify since the launch of its ad-supported desktop service and the new service is also expected to usher in a new wave of registrations.

You can download the Android and iOS apps here.