Firefox 26 for Android brings in new features, search engine choices

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Mozilla launched Firefox 26 and along with it also released the updated version for Android loaded with new features including Top Sites, History, Reading Lists and search engine choices.

Firefox version 26 brings in Home screen, which improves accessibility to frequently visited sites in a form of a swipeable menu. When users open a new tab, they will be able to swipe between Bookmark, History, and Reading List screens. Mozilla claims that Firefox of Android Home screen will enable users to browse the web more quickly while also giving them access to their browsing history with a single tap.

Firefox for Android brings in support for Bing and Yahoo! search engines and users to switch to the search engine of their choice through the ‘Customize’ section of the browser settings menu.

“Firefox helps you get to any page you’ve visited, saved, or search for, so you can swiftly handle any browsing, shopping, email, work, social media or anything you need on your mobile phone or tablet”, said Mozilla.

You can download Firefox for Android from Google Play Store here.