CUER to launch their new solar-powered racing car Evolution today

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The Cambridge University Eco-Racing Team (CUER) will be launching their new solar-powered racing car dubbed Evolution today.

The 60-strong student not-for-profit organisation has been designing, building and racing eco-vehicles since 2007. CUER has been taking part in World Solar Challenge, the world’s foremost solar endurance race, which is held in Australia.

Cars built by the team showcase cutting-edge sustainable engineering and demonstrate the incredible potential of electric vehicle technologies. The team claims to be driving the step changes in vehicle efficiency and new technologies for a low-carbon future.

Back in 2013, the team’s hopes of succeeding ended in disappointment after a crash during road testing raised concerns over the car’s stability. However, the hopes are high this time around because the issues that caused the crash have now been resolved and problems eliminated.

The team is hopeful of overcoming previous disappointment at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge to be held in October later this year in Australia.

Alan Jamieson, who is studying for a PhD in fluid mechanics at Cambridge, will be at the helms of the car and said that the race was one of the “toughest” challenges in the world over a 3,000km dusty path that comes with its own set of treacherous conditions like fierce cross winds, and bush fires.

Amy Livingstone, head of the electrical team, said the new car was more powerful and its solar panel had been adjusted to allow it to absorb more solar rays.

Programme director Aurelia Hibbert said: “We have a strong engineering team, experienced drivers and an exciting and innovative entry for the 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.”

CUER will be launching Evolution at the University of Cambridge sports ground. The car has been designed to showcase cutting-edge sustainable engineering and demonstrate the potential of electric vehicles. Various firms like Jaguar Land Rover, Marshall Group, Penso, Timeless Green, TTP and Viridian Sola support the team in their endeavours.