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Microsoft’s new tool will let you teach machines how to learn

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Microsoft is rolling out a new teaching tool that will help people teach their machines how to learn.

The tool will basically let people without a machine learning background teach their systems to perform better based on experience. The project is being called as Machine learning. It is being headed by researcher Patrice Simard along with the Machine Teaching Group.

“Machine learning has proved so useful that it’s created a supply and demand problem: There just aren’t enough people with machine learning expertise to do all the projects businesses and organizations want. That’s prompted more efforts to make machine learning available to a broader group of people,” Microsoft said on its official blog post.

“Microsoft Research’s machine teaching project builds on that effort by creating tools that would allow anyone to do machine learning tasks, even if that person has no expertise in data analysis or computer science.”

Machine learning once used in a computer or even a smartphone will be able to be smarter when it continually receives relevant data. For example, a doctor could use the machine teaching tools to sift through large amounts of data to find medical records.

Microsoft noted that Machine learning is also important to some of the most cutting-edge technologies such as the real-time voice translation found in Skype Translator. The technology can understand what a user types or even say.

An early version of the group’s machine teaching technology is already being used in Language Understanding Intelligent Service, a new tool from Microsoft Research that falls under the Project Oxford suite. Currently, the Machine learning beta version is available at an invitation-only basis.