Microsoft Azure prices increased; UK unaffected

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Microsoft has increased the price for Azure cloud in a bid to take on fluctuating global exchange rates.

The price rise will be effective from August 1, this year and it will be applicable for Azure and Azure Marketplace. The prices in euros will increase by 13 per cent to more closely align with prices in most markets, the email sent out to Azure customers read.

Redmond is also raising the prices significantly in Australia, by 26 per cent, which is said to be due to changes in exchange rates.

“Cloud prices are being revised for new and renewing contracts billed in euro, Danish krone, Norwegian krone, Swedish krona, Canadian dollar and Australian dollar. Until July 31 2015 customers can continue to acquire Microsoft cloud products at current prices, as well as renew licensing agreements at current prices before the adjustment,” Microsoft confirmed.

Good news is that the UK will not be affected by the Azure price spike. Microsoft confirmed the news in a statement sent to V3. It noted that the changes will lead to price hike for some regions, but declined to be specific.
“We always evaluate current market conditions, the increased product value for a customer, customer deployment scenarios and other factors when determining pricing for our products and services,” the statement said.

“Microsoft is committed to sharing pricing and licensing updates with our partners to ensure they and our customers are prepared and able to evaluate their options. Customers should speak with a Microsoft partner to learn more.”

In addition, those who are under an Azure Enterprise Agreement or have an Azure Enterprise Subscription Agreement in place as well as those who have Server and Cloud Enrollments (SCE) will have price protection on their services.

Microsoft is not the only vendor to hike its European prices. Back in January, HP also increased its UK prices by 6.5 per cent to combat currency issues.