Android 4.4.1 for Nexus 10 arrives

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Android 4.4.1 update has finally arrived for Nexus 10 after it was released for Nexus 5, Nexus 4 and Nexus 7.

Nexus 10 is the last device to get the Android 4.4.1 as update for the other devices are already being made available in the staggered fashion. The Android 4.4.1 update for Nexus 10 would require users to first download it and then apply it manually as it hasn’t been made available over-the-air yet.

Android 4.4.1 update mostly targets Nexus 5 for bug fixes and improvements and without a change log it would be very difficult to know what all things Google has addressed in the latest update; however, we do know one thing – the update brings with it enhanced camera app that has feature enhancements as well as bug fixes.

Users who are not willing to wait for an update from their carrier or over-the-air update may download the update file from here; ensure that they are running stock Android 4.4 build KRT16S; and then proceed with the update.