iPhone 6S would more or less look like iPhone 6, latest leak suggests

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Aesthetically the iPhone 6S won’t be any different from the iPhone 6, despite being packed by quite a few hardware improvements – latest leak claims.

The iPhone 6S is expected to be unveiled this autumn – sometime around September with a public release soon after – and according to reports the internals of the new iPhone will be carrying a lot of upgrades, while externally the new iPhone won’t be any different from its predecessor.

iPhone 6S is expected to feature Force Touch display, and according to recent reports the display has already reached mass production stage.

According to 9to5mac, the iPhone 6S will be of the same thickness and width as the iPhone 6; however, the internal mounting structure will be a lot different. The report notes that the changes in the internal frame point at the new logic board and components that Apple will be using for its iPhone 6S.

There have been rumours that claimed that the iPhone 6S will have a dual-lens camera system, but the new report from 9to5mac claims that won’t be the case as the rear shell do not have the necessary holes for such a system.

The report also reveals that connectors, speakers and microphones are exactly at the same place as before and the overall external look hasn’t changed which will be a good sign for case manufacturers as they won’t have to come up with a new design and can continue selling their iPhone 6 cases for iPhone 6S as well.