UK ISPs block Solarmovie three weeks after court order

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Solarmovie has been blocked by at least two ISPs in the UK after a court ordered its blockade three weeks back following a copyright lawsuit from Motion Picture Association (MPA) and its members.

UK High Court ordered all six major ISPs in the UK including BT, Virgin Media, and Everything Everywhere to implement ISP level blocks on SolarMovie and TubePlus on copyright infringement grounds on November 13. ISPs didn’t contest the ruling, but they didn’t implement the blocks right away. It seems that Virgin Media and Everything Everywhere have atleast implement the blocks starting yesterday.

IMG-20131205-WA0000MPA filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Solarmovie and TubePlus and the court ruled in favour of the association. MPA and FACT said that they tried to contact both the sites multiple times before filing a lawsuit but the sites continued to ignore their requests.

Christine Payne, the chair of actor’s union Equity’s Creative Coalition Campaign, said “These websites steal creative works for their own, untaxed, profit whilst paying nothing back to creators themselves. It is right and proper that legal, proportionate action be taken to tackle these sites to help turn the tide of widespread online copyright infringement.”