O2 to offer Xbox One bundles starting December 5

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O2 has announced its plans of offering Xbox One bundles through 65 stores starting December 5, just like it did with PlayStation 4 last month.

The gaming console from Microsoft will be bundled with Nokia Lumia 1020 through a £52/month 24-month contract at an upfront cost of £99.99. The Xbox One bundle will include the console, FIFA 14, Kinect, 12 months Xbox Live Gold Membership and the Lumia 1020 smartphone with unlimited texts, SMS and 1GB free data per month.

Nokia Lumia 1020 will be accompanied by a O2 Refresh tariff under which users will be able to upgrade the smartphone mid-contract while those keeping the handset for the duration of 24-month will be offered discounted monthly contract.

Users will be able to use Xbox SmartGlass technology to turn their smartphone into console’s second screen.

O2 has announced that it has a limited supply of Xbox One and will be selling the consoles through 65 of its stores. The list can be found here.